Dr. Steven Greer Presents .....


Because of your support, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind reached tens of millions of people last year and inspired audiences around the globe to initiate peaceful diplomacy with Extraterrestrial civilizations. For this, Dr. Greer and his team are incredibly proud and grateful. However, the success of CE5 has provoked a number of troubling responses: Recent developments since the release of that film indicate that we are racing against the clock to thwart a hoaxed “alien invasion” that Dr. Greer has been warning us about for decades. In response to these disturbing developments, he is initiating production on an emergency documentary that will be released for free on platforms across the world.

In this urgent and groundbreaking film, Dr. Greer exposes the lies pushed by the National Security State, war profiteers and the corporate media, and shows us how we can avoid a conflict far worse than the Iraq war. For the first time ever and exclusively for this film, senior Russian military, government and space officials step forward and join their American counterparts in an historic call for peace on Earth and in space.

In the summer of 1977, aerospace executive Dr. Carol Rosin received a deathbed confession from her boss and mentor, Wernher Von Braun, the prolific rocket engineer who left Nazi Germany as part of Operation Paperclip to work for NASA. Von Braun used his dying breath to warn Carol of a terrible plan: the disclosure of peaceful Extraterrestrial Civilizations would eventually be hijacked and spun as a threat in order to embolden and enrich the Military-Industrial Complex and justify a global fascist takeover. This plot, he claimed, would culminate in a hoaxed alien invasion that would fool every military and political leader on the planet: A cosmic 9-11.

The fight against UFO secrecy is not as simple as getting governments to admit they’re real: We must ensure that ETs are not spun as an ultimate Boogeyman to justify the consolidation of power on Earth or the weaponization of space. From the founding of Trump’s Space Force to mainstream media propaganda about the “threat to National Security” posed by UFOs, we are witnessing the final stages of the playbook Wernher Von Braun warned about nearly half a century ago.

This film will explore:

  • How the Military-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us about is really founded in illegal UFO secrecy
  • How the Establishment manufactures consent for endless war
  • How a hoaxed alien invasion could be staged with existing, classified technology
  • The case for the non-hostility of Extraterrestrial Civilizations
  • How racist propaganda methods are being used to demonize ETs, much like other cultures and ethnicities were historically dehumanized to justify violence against them
  • How rogue military operatives have been staging “alien abductions” and animal mutilations for decades as part of a psychological warfare campaign
  • How we can course-correct and establish peaceful relations with ET civilizations